During Trump’s administration Canada has experienced a tremendous increase of US citizens eager to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country, as per the reports approximately 85% of skilled workers have originated from the US. Experts believe even under the new president the situation will not improve any sooner.

Most of the US citizens prefer to immigrate to Canada all thanks to the country’s liberal views, excellent education system, free health care facilities, and easy immigration policies also its immigration system such as Express Entry has made the immigration pathway much easier and quicker, cutting the visa application processing period to just six months.

Present Canada immigration target is almost three times more than that of the US. On 30th Oct 2020 Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRRCC) has made fresh announcements regarding new immigration plans for 2021-2023, stating that the country aims to welcome:-

  401,000 new immigrants to apply for permanent residency in 2021,

  411,000 immigrants to apply for permanent residency in 2022,

  421,000 immigrants to apply for permanent residency in 2023

It is an attempt to make up for the shortcomings due to travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19. Experts believe, due to an economic slowdown and high unemployment rate the fact is even during the Joe Biden administration, the United States will not have enough place to accommodate a high number of skilled workers willing to work in the country.

Practically speaking it will be a tough job for newly elected president Mr. Joe Biden to increase the immigration graph largely due to the impact of the pandemic on its economy. As per the reports Canada has already made up for around 75% of job loss due to the global pandemic and simontensouly increased its immigration figure for the next three years, which shows the country’s dedication towards expats who are keen to join its community and ample of opportunities available for skilled immigrants.

Comparatively, Canada has eight times smaller labor force than that of the United States yet the country receives double the number of skilled talent in absolute terms and around twenty times more on per capita basis.

Also, due to limited number of Green Card that the US offers, talented skilled workers will continue to walk towards north infact this has been an unchanged trend for the last five years. In the past Canada-US relationship has faced a number of challenges. The fact is severe political, cultural, and human ties will continue to spread prosperity throughout North America.