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Do I Need a Permanent Resident Card in Canada?

The Permanent Resident card (otherwise called a PR Card) is issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to be utilized as a legitimate identity document for people flying out abroad and coming back to Canada via car, bus, airline or whatever other means of transportation. Accordingly, it is imperative to have a legitimate PR card to be permitted to enter Canada.

When you are issued Canadian permanent residence, you have issued a Canadian PR Card. Other permanent occupants who hold Record of Landing document however who are yet to apply for a PR card should make an application to CIC.

The PR Card is valid for five years and ought to be utilized for travel when you come back to Canada from abroad.

Upon expiry of your PR Card, you ought to consider renewing it on the off chance that you wish to keep going outside Canada. You would prefer not to go with an expired PR Card or you could get turned away.

How Do I Renew My PR Card?

On the off chance that you know your card will terminate soon, you should make an application for a PR card renewal which is submitted to CIC. The application requires that you uncover your travel outside of Canada, your address and business history for as long as five years. This information assists the immigration officer looking into your application to figure out if or not you meet the residency obligation.

In the event that the immigration officer is satisfied that you, in reality, meet the requirements, you will be requested that go to the nearby immigration office to get your card. You will have 180 days from the notice of the letter to get your new card.

It is no longer required that you present your old PR card with the application. Rather, CIC now requires that you convey your old card to the nearby immigration office at the time you are ready to get your new card. This is a welcome change as it permits permanent inhabitants to travel abroad and to come back to Canada the as long as they have a legitimate PR card, while their application for renewal is in process in Canada.

To what extent will the renewal procedure take?

As a rule, the procedure to renew a PR may take a couple of weeks. It is along these lines fitting that you renew your card well ahead of time of the expiry, particularly on the off chance that you hope to go outside of Canada. CIC suggests that you file an application for renewal two months preceding expiry.

Require a PR Card Renewed Fast?

Is this your circumstance?

  • Family Emergency
  • Work
  • Abroad and lost PR Status
  • Need to travel
  • Can’t enter Canada?

These are regular circumstances that require URGENT PR Card processring.

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Beat 4 Most Common FAQs about PR Cards

  1. What of if I don’t meet the Residency Obligations? What are my options?
  2. Could I renew my PR Card urgently?
  3. I am outside of Canada and my PR card has lapsed, what do I do now?
  4. What if my application for PR Card was refused earlier?
  5. What of if I don’t meet the Residency Obligations? What are my options?

In the event that you lived outside of Canada for over three years in the last five years and don’t meet any of the travelling with family or business exceptions, then you might be at a risk of losing your Canadian perpetual residence status.

Notwithstanding, despite the fact that you may not meet the requirement, you can even now make an application gave that you formally ask for an exemption under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Under the immigration directions, a permanent occupant who has not met the base physical presence in Canada may request that the immigration officer considers special conditions that have kept the candidate from living in Canada.

Commonly, if there are convincing motivations to persuade an immigration officer why the permanent occupant was not able to live in Canada, an exemption for residency commitment might be made. Nonetheless, the final decision stays with the immigration officer who will survey your humanitarian and compassionate contentions and supporting documentation to figure out if a special case can be made.

I am outside of Canada and my PR card has lapsed, What do I do now?

This is a common situation for some permanent inhabitants. On the off chance that you find that your PR card has lapsed and you are outside of Canada, you should obtain a Travel Document direly which will permit you to make a trip back to Canada.

The way toward obtaining a Travel Document will require the permanent occupant to make an application to the Canadian office abroad. On the off chance that you show that you have lived in Canada for no less than two years in the five-year time frame, then the Canadian office abroad will no doubt issue you the Travel Document and permit you to come back to Canada.

Be that as it may, in the event that you have not met the residency requirement, you may make humanitarian and compassionate contentions regarding why you have been outside of Canada for longer than two years. The choice whether to issue you a Travel Document in this situation will rely on upon the immigration officer looking into your file.

What if my application for PR Card was refused earlier?

An application for a permanent habitation card might be declined for a few reasons. One reason is that the permanent inhabitant does not seem to have been in Canada for 730 days in the previous five years. Be that as it may, an immigration officer may likewise deny an application on the premise that the candidate did not satisfy the officer about the candidate’s identity or supporting documents submitted with the application.

In the event that your application for permanent residence is declined, you may appeal this decision to the Immigration Appeal Division in Canada. The application to appeal must be made within 60 days of getting the refusal. After receiving the appeal notice, the Immigration Appeal Division will hold a hearing in Canada where they will figure out if the decision to deny your PR card application was right. Amid the listening to, the Immigration Appeal Division is permitted to consider extra humanitarian and compassionate contentions and in addition new documentation and submission in support of the appeal. The appellant will likewise be required to affirm in front of a member of the Immigration Appeal Division.

In the event that you are outside Canada, you can still appeal your application. You likewise have the choice to demand that you come back to Canada for your appeal. The privilege to appeal at the hearing in person is not automatic and a demand must be made with the Immigration Appeal Division.

On the off chance that your appeal at the Immigration Appeal Division is unsuccessful, you do have the choice of making a further appeal to the Federal Court of Canada.

Why Legal Help with PR Card Renewal is Vital

Whether your circumstance is critical or not, getting a PR card renewed is key. The procedure should be done effectively, or you risk the outcomes of not having the capacity to enter Canada.

Legal help for renewing a PR card is vital to guarantee that you aren’t missing any details or giving incorrect information. Setting up an application all alone may bring about a refusal, and applying for another PR card can be a tremendous burden.

Why Hire us to Help with Your PR Card Renewal?

With such a variety of legal steps and standards required in PR card renewals, it is a procedure best left to experts. Since PR cards were initially introduced, we have been helping people prepare PR renewal paperwork and documentation.

We have helped a great number of people to effectively renew their Permanent Residence Cards. Our experienced immigration legal advisors will have the capacity to access your case and prescribe a strategy to best serve your needs.

The initial move towards your PR Card renewal is getting an appraisal of your case. Fill out our free immigration appraisal form and we will hit you up within 24 hours to talk about your qualification and options.