Vishnu Puthillath

The one who makes KAN Immigration Services Inc. everything. The Director and A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(R707207), Vishnu is the go-to for all problems, immigration! His years of experience and client success speak for themselves. If you come in for a session, you leave with not only your choices but also a sense of hope that your case would work. With each passing day, even as our client base increases, Vishnu makes it a point to stay updated with you and CIC, providing the perfect bridge between the two, maintaining solid client relationships. Reach us today, to find out more about how we do it!


Sumit Arora

Our Chief Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant(R506303) has been in this business long enough to know exactly what to do with your application, and also an expert in almost every Canadian immigration application. If you need a trusted representative to file your work, we have an expert KAN Team. Sumit is always there, working with Vishnu to make sure you get that coveted approval without losing too much of your hair!



Have you had a chance to find us on social media just yet? Our young and dynamic Marketing and Design Head is always on the job, taking opportunities to highlight our clients’ success. Putting pen to paper and creating artistic imagery isn’t anyone’s game, but Karthik makes it look easy, ensuring that our followers are always updated with what we’re doing. Take a moment to browse through our Instagram, and if you chance by our daily stories you can be sure it’s Karthik’s mastery behind it!