Quebec Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec immigration selection framework for Quebec Skilled Workers is intended to demonstrate which candidates are probably going to become economically established upon movement to Quebec.

Skilled Worker (Professional) candidates who mean to dwell in Montreal or in another city or district within the territory of Quebec are assessed under an alternate framework than candidates who wish to settle somewhere else in Canada. This is done through what the legislature of Quebec calls its ‘Regular Skilled Worker Program’, also called the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

As of January 2016, applicants for immigration to Canada through the QSWP must utilize the secure space Mon project Québec in other to present an application.

Taking after the closure of the second admission period in 2016, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (‘the MIDI’, the Quebec government department regulating immigration to the area) has reported the following:

  • The acceptance limit of 10,000 applications for a selection certificate through the QSWP for the time of April 1, 2016, to March 31, 2017, has been come to.
  • Information in the account of those people who did not present their profiles amid the admission time frames in June and August 2016 will be erased during Fall 2016. The date of cancellation will be reported beforehand.
  • An application must be submitted within 90 days from the date the individual started altering the application, or it will be erased.
  • Mon project Québec permits applicants to finish their application for a CSQ, make their payment on the web, take after the status of their application, roll out improvements to their application, and get to personal electronic informing all through the procedure.
  • Note Cap-excluded candidates who have a work offer approved by the MIDI, and in addition, people who are temporary occupants of Quebec and qualified to submit an application for CSQ may submit an application whenever they want.

Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility

Candidates who are successful under the Regular Skilled Worker Program are issued a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, otherwise called a CSQ), which is then followed by a Canadian Permanent Resident (Immigration) Visa. In spite of the fact that candidates to the program are evaluated based upon various choice elements than those of the Federal Skilled Worker Class, the government of Canada recognizes Quebec’s selection of candidates by issuing permanent inhabitant visas to successful candidates, once medical and criminality background verifications have been finished.
So as to meet all requirements for a CSQ, you should score enough points under the Quebec Immigration selection framework that is described underneath. A single (unmarried) candidate must score no less than 49 points in light of this framework, while a candidate with a life partner or common law accomplice must score no less than 57 points.

Selection Factors

The Quebec Immigration selection elements might be condensed as follows:

EducationUp to 14 points (Cutoff Score = 2 points)
Region Of TrainingUp to 16 points
Validated Employment OfferUp to 10 points
Work ExperienceUp to 8 points
AgeUp to 16 points
Language ProficiencyUp to 22 points
Stay And Family In QuebecUp to 8 points
Spouse/Common-law partner CharacteristicsUp to 17 points
Presence Of Accompanying ChildrenUp to 8 points
Financial Self-Sufficiency1 point

Most of the documents required so as to apply for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program must be ensured genuine duplicates. Language test results must be submitted alongside immigration applications to be granted points for language proficiency.

  • For more info on approved French tests, see Proving French Language Ability (Quebec Skilled Worker Program).
  • For more info on the affirmed English test, see Proving English Language Ability – International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Quebec Skilled Worker candidates should then effectively complete medical and security examinations directed by the Canadian government with a specific end goal to be granted a Canada Immigration (permanent inhabitant) visa.

Quebec Skilled Workers candidates are not evaluated based upon the selection components of the Federal Skilled Worker Class. Citizenship and Immigration Canada recognizes the selection of candidates who meet Quebec migration selection criteria.

Handling Times

Handling Times for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program shift starting with one Canadian Immigration Visa Office then onto the next.

Handling Fees

Handling fee for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program are as per the following:

Principal ApplicantCAD $773
Spouse, de facto spouseCAD $166
Every dependant childCAD $166

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