Appeals for Visa / PR Rejection

Instructions to Appeal Against a Canadian Visa Refusal

On the off chance that you’ve gotten notice of a Canadian visa refusal from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it can be to a great degree troubling. Take note of that you do have alternatives with regards to engaging a Canadian visa refusal, however, time is not on your side. You may just have a short window of time in which to appeal your Canadian visa refusal, even as little as 30 days.

What are the approaches to appeal a Canadian visa refusal?

The appeal choices for a Canadian visa refusal are:

  1. Making a demand for restoration to the Case Processing Center or CPC.
  2. Appealing your Canadian visa refusal to the Immigration Adjudication Division, or IAD.
  3. Appealing your Canadian visa refusal to the Federal Court of Canada.

Which option is appropriate for me?

Which option for appealing against a Canadian visa refusal is appropriate for you relies on upon numerous things, including what kind of visa application it was. Did you apply for permanent residency, or did you apply for a Canadian visitor visa or study visa? Diverse avenues of appeal are more suitable for various sorts of visas and individual conditions.

You may just have as few as thirty days to appeal your Canadian visa refusal. This is a short due date and you should act rapidly.

Appealing a Canadian visa refusal is a greatly confounded and sensitive process. You should successfully show why your application ought not to have been denied and why you merit another opportunity. An authorized migration legal advisor can be your greatest resource and preferred advantage during an appeal against a Canadian visa refusal! Contact our immigration law firm utilizing the form on the right or at the phone number above for an appraisal of your case.