Why retain us?

Thinking of Immigrating to Canada? Well, there are hundreds of law firms out there that can help you out with the Immigration process. So, why should you retain KAN Immigration and services of KAN team?

Below are some of the unique advantages you get when you retain KAN Immigration for processing your Immigration application to Canada

Unlimited email consultation:

Throughout the immigration processing application process, you can consult on the status and progress of your application any number of times through email. This is particularly important as sometimes the laws change and you need to know how that has impacted the already submitted application and if any additional documents may need to be submitted.

Meetings and consultations on Skype:

Skype meetings during the process of PR as needed as and when required, KAN team would be available for a face to face Skype video call to answer your questions and discuss the progress of your application.


Full disclosure of fees upfront as per retainer agreement with the refund clause: At KAN Immigration Services, we believe in complete transparency. There will be no hidden charges or any new fees during the process which has already not been mentioned earlier at the time of taking up the application of the candidate. The total fees will be discussed and explained to the candidate upfront so that he/she can budget for that once and for all.

Professional and legal representation:

KAN Immigration services is a Regulated Consultant and a member of the ICCRC (Immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory council), which is an organization recognized by the government of Canada. He is thus legally authorized to represent his clients Immigration cases to the government of Canada.

No charges for consultation if you don’t qualify:

 If you don’t qualify, we won’t accept your case and let you know what is needed to be done before we accept and represent your case: We don’t want your money, if you don’t qualify for Immigration. Based on the initial information that you submit in the FREE online assessment form and the subsequent discussions, if we find that you fall short of points and will not qualify under any category, we will not take your money or your case forward. However, we will indeed point out some remedies as to what you may need to change in your profile/qualifications/etc. in order to increase your chances and apply again.

Higher probability of success:

Higher chances of acceptance through perfect application and supporting documents: We will prove your work experience by law to the Minister of Immigration and Multiculturalism and the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada which is often ignored/overlooked by someone who is not familiar with particular sections of Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. We will communicate with CIC and answer all the issues, concerns and queries promptly on your behalf. Data don’t lie. People who use Immigration Consultants who are regulated by ICCRC have higher chances of selection.