So far, the federal government of Canada has done a commendable job in providing much-needed financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic through the CERB. However, international students felt left out as the way things stand, they are not eligible to apply for CERB.

The financial hardships that international students face in these cash-strapped times have been continuously reported and a substantial number of them have difficulties paying rent or having to choose between keeping a meal on their table.

The honourable PM Justin Trudeau has factored that too into consideration and has now announced that the government will be setting aside $9 billion for the purpose of providing financial assistance to postgraduate students by means of a benefit, called “ Canada Emergency Student Benefit” that would be in place from May to August 2020. Read on to find out how international students can be eligible for the same. Below are the key takeaways from Trudeau’s official statement today:

  •  According to the official press release, if you are a student who graduated in December 2019 or planning to go to college in September, you can be eligible to receive $1250 per month or it can go up to $1750 per month if you have dependents or disabilities. It can be claimed by students who currently have a job, but still, only earn up to $1000 a month.
  • That’s not all. The government is going to create 76,000 jobs for young people aside from the Canada Summer Jobs program.                                                                                                                 
  • Furthermore, for those students who are volunteering in the “fight against COVID-19”, the PM has announced that they would be eligible for $1000 to $5000, based on their hours through the newly established Canada Student Service Grant.
  • Student grants given out in the 2020-2021 academic year shall be doubled.


    The benefit shall be delivered through the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency):

    To all the students watching today, let me say this: As you’re building your future – thinking about how to contribute, or about starting a family or career – all of a sudden you’ve been faced with this crisis. The uncertainty may feel overwhelming,” Trudeau said.

    But in Canada, we look out for each other…these measures will help you get through this, so you can build that career and future you’ve been working for.”

    “For today, for the summer, for next year, we are going to be there for you,” Trudeau quoted.