There was a whirlwind of movement in the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) over the last days of 2016, with two draws for its Skilled Worker migration stream occurring on December 21 and December 30. Altogether, 316 Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs) were issued to qualified applicants who had already made a formal ‘Articulation of Interest’ in moving to the region. These people may now present an application for a primary selection authentication. With this authentication, the person, and also his or her going with relatives, may then apply for Canadian permanent habitation.

Of the LAAs issued over these two draws, 115 were released to competitors in the Skilled Workers Overseas sub-class on December 21. A further 20 LAAs were issued under this sub-class nine days after the fact.

The staying 181 LAAs released over this period were published under the Skilled Workers in Manitoba sub-classification on December 30 (no LAAs were issued under this sub-class on December 21).

Hopefuls qualified for one the MPNP for Skilled Workers sub-classes are positioned by extraordinary focuses framework that honors up to 1,000 centers to every applicant.


MPNP Draws December, 2016

MPNP Skilled Worker Sub-Category         Date of MPNP Expression of Interest Draw Number of Letters Issued  Minimum Points Required
Skilled Worker Overseas


December 30, 2016


20 787
Skilled Worker Overseas


December 21, 2016


115 605
Skilled Worker in Manitoba


December 30, 2016


181 702
Skilled Worker in Manitoba


December 21, 2016


0 N/A


MPNP Skilled Workers Overseas

This MPNP sub-class is for qualified, talented specialists who might be outside Canada however who can exhibit a stable association with the region and its work advertise. A focuses based framework is utilized to survey applicants as per components, for example, age, dialect capability, work understanding, instruction, and flexibility. While applicants might be granted countless therefore of having an association with Manitoba, they may likewise be deducted on certain ‘hazard evaluation’ calculates that get from having relationships with other Canadian territories.

Hopefuls who got an LAA under this sub-class in a late MPNP draw were straightforwardly welcomed under a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

These activities include:

  • Enrollment missions. These abroad business/movement fairs include MPNP agents meeting outside skilled laborers and consequently welcoming them to apply after they have made a formal Expression of Interest (EOI) to the MPNP.
  • Exploratory visits. The MPNP may welcome individuals who have attempted a pre-endorsed Exploratory Visit and passed a meeting with a program official.


MPNP Skilled Workers in Manitoba

Under this sub-category of the MPNP, applications are acknowledged from qualified outside laborers and worldwide understudy graduates who are as of now operating and working in Manitoba and have been offered a permanent occupation by their manager in Manitoba. Gifted Workers in Manitoba are not subject to a focuses based appraisal to decide their qualification.


Manitoba Profile

Population: 1.3 million

Capital and biggest city: Winnipeg

Area: Manitoba is situated in Central Canada and is viewed as one of the three “Prairie” areas. Ontario deceives the east, with Saskatchewan sharing the western fringe. The US conditions of Minnesota and North Dakota are toward the south, and the meagerly populated north of the region has a long coastline on Hudson Bay prompting to an outskirt with the domain of Nunavut.

Economy: Manitoba’s guideline ventures are mining, assembling, and agribusiness. Cultivating has been a noteworthy occupation for Manitobans, and the fertile farmlands in southern Manitoba deliver wheat, grain, oats, sunflower, flax and canola crops, and also dairy and domesticated animal’s ranches. From this farming base, a significant nourishment handling industry has risen. Likewise, Manitoba is home to impressive assembling, aviation and transportation businesses. Winnipeg has a sizable monetary and protection industry and also government organization and administrations.

Atmosphere: Manitoba is a long way from the directing impacts of mountain reaches or substantial waterways. Also, given its size, it encounters unusual varieties in temperature. In Southern Manitoba, where by far most of the populace lives, freezing, frigid winters are the standard. Summers are regularly hot and dry, with short transitional seasons guaranteeing that inhabitants get an entire four-season involvement.

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