Recently, Ontario had made public its interest to issue changes to the ever-popular OINP (Ontario Immigration Nomination Program). It is slated to introduce an Expression of Interest or EOI system for the following streams that come under the OINP:


If you are an international student or foreign worker, you would certainly have felt the anguish and disappointment when trying to submit your applications for the corresponding OINP draws held recently. The last draw for international students closed within minutes and the one held for foreign workers in July reached the registration limit within an hour. This puts those candidates without high-speed internet access or the proper time of day to sit in front of the screen to apply at a significant disadvantage. Hence, this “first come, first served” basis has attracted quite the disdain.

Taking into consideration the ensuing hardships and mounting criticism so far, Ontario has decided to do things differently in the following months. The process for the new OINP process is quite similar to Express Entry:

1)OINP applicants create a profile in the program’s new EOI pool

2)Applicants will be asked to substantiate their personal, labour market, human capital information, etc.

3)ITA issued by considering the scores for each candidate and then the candidate shall be nominated for the OINP stream.

This takes the pressure away from the individuals by not needing to be present for the precious and exclusive window of application. Instead, Ontario will be selecting the candidates out of the pool when it holds the draw.


At the moment, Ontario hasn’t released the details pertaining to the calculation of EOI points or the factors behind them other than generally stating that it would depend on certain factors such as level of education and language. All the potential changes would go into effect only after a 45-day public consultation period that ends on October 23,2020.



Presently, only those who have applied for Permanent Residence can go for Biometrics collection at Service Canada locations. Service Canada officers will call you at the number had provided and schedule an appointment for you. Don’t call Service Canada as they won’t be able to tell you the status of your appointment or application. Don’t go to a Service Canada location unless you have been contacted by Service Canada. Needless to say, don’t try to beat the system by attempting to get biometrics done at other Canadian Ports of Entry. Things to keep in mind to avoid fraudulent Service Canada calls:

1)They’ll never ask for your financial information or ask to pay any further fees as they have already been paid while submitting your application for Permanent Residence.

2)They won’t ask for your SIN number as that is not necessary at this point in the process.

Alternatively, if you had assigned a representative to take care of your application, they would be contacted to confirm your availability and preferred location. They would also be contacted a second time to confirm your appointment through them.

They would, however, ask for your BIL (Biometrics Instruction Letter) number found in your IRCC application as well as confirm your preferred date and location of the biometrics appointment. When going for the appointment, you would only need to bring the BIL and passport or travel document.


For those applying from outside Canada, if the site closest to you is closed an automatic extension for the deadline to submit biometrics will be issued. Until the sites start offering collection services again, you don’t have to give biometrics. New BILs are not needed when going for an appointment at a later date than that mentioned in it.

Keep visiting for updates on when biometrics collection will start again.