The role that international students play in the Canadian economy is one that cannot be looked over.
The 640,000 international students in addition to creating a diverse and wholistic learning
environment, contribute some $22 billion to the economy each year which supports around 200,000
Canadian jobs.
Recognizing that difficulties that international students face during COVID-19, Canada has
announced a variety of special measures to help the international students already in the country,
and those who hope to come into the country soon. The following are the latest updates concerning
international students:
Implied status
Current and Post-Graduation Work Permit holding international students who wish to extend their
stay in Canada during the coronavirus impact may be eligible for implied status. Implied status
provides international students the chance to continue their studies and/or work while Immigration,
Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reviews their work/study permit extension application
Working hours
IRCC has temporarily allowed international students to work more than the previously allowed 20
hours if they are working in 10 priority sectors. This rule holds water until August 31. These 10
sectors are:

 Energy and utilities
 Information and Communication Technologies
 Finance
 Health
 Food
 Water
 Transportation
 Safety
 Government
 Manufacturing



The federal government provides income support through the Canada Emergency Response Benefit
(CERB) which offers $500 per week for up to 16 weeks to eligible workers whose lives have been
disrupted by the pandemic. International students who qualify for the requirements may receive the

PR pathways

Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, both levels of government have issued more invitations to
apply for permanent residence to those with Canadian experience due to the high levels of
education and linguistic proficiencies that international students bring with them to the Canadian

More time to submit immigration applications

IRCC understands the impact that COVID-19 might have had on the abilities of immigration
applications. IRCC announced that it will not turn incomplete applications and that they will provide
an additional 90 days to complete the application considering the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Post-Graduation Work Permit helps international students gain Canadian work experience.
International students have no need for concern with regards to their PGWP since IRCC has
announced that students who were slotted for a study permit to begin their Canadian education in
May or June will be able to begin their program online without affecting their eligibility to eventually
apply for a PGWP. The same applies to international students already in Canada.

More support for international students on the way

Canadian response to the pandemic situation has surpassed that even of the United States. It has
done more than what anyone could have expected when compared with other countries. The care
and concern that the government has shown to accommodate its foreign nationals have helped
cement Canada’s status as a truly inclusive and diverse country made up of a cultural mosaic.
Considering the current trends, it is highly probable that more help would be coming for international