Did you realize that you can hold different work permits in the same time? What’s more, why might you need that?

Various work permits can give a level of solace to people working in Canada. Assume things turn sour with your boss. You both choose to go separate ways. Presently you have stuck with a work permit fixing to that employment in a particular city. You can’t work.

Things can get terrible in a rush – you’ll need to rapidly locate another employer willing to support you to get a job. Once that is gotten, you’ll need to apply for another work permit. Months could go with you not able to work in Canada, and your saving will rapidly drain, particularly on the off chance that you are working in an expensive city, for example, Vancouver or Toronto.

Holding various work licenses guarantees that if one employment closes gravely, you can at present keep on working for your second (or even third employer).

Where on the CIC site does it say, I can get various work permits?

In the same way as other things in immigration law, the CIC site is noiseless on this issue. Maybe they would prefer not to empower the practice, who knows. However, you won’t discover any information there.

An analysis of the law is revealing.

No place in the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act does it express that when you get another work permit, the old work permit is crossed out. The Regulations reveal that work permit just gets to be distinctly invalid when it lapses or when a removal order made against the permit holder gets to be distinctly enforceable. It’s essential to note that does not get to be plainly invalid when a second (or third, or fourth) work permit is issued.

Accordingly, holding various work permits is not restricted anywhere in the law.

Extraordinary! How can I get different work permits?

The way to getting a multiple work permit is to have an occupation that is in high demand.


Since you require at least two employers keen on hiring you, and one will ordinarily be casual or part-time. For instance, trades people in northern Alberta frequently hold various work permits – one full-time, and other part-time. On the other hand one for the summer season, and one for the winter.

Can I have two full-time work permits?

Not probably. Keep in mind, and employer is required to meet the condition of work submitted for the labour market opinion. If the company said he or she would utilize your service full-time and pay you a particular wage, it wouldn’t work if the firm then pays you part-time at a lesser remuneration.

Nevertheless, as noted above, an all-day work permit and casual part-time work permits are excellent, or various casual part-time work permits would be worthy also.

So, on the off chance that you have skill in high demand, help yourself out and secure various work permits – you will earn more and you won’t be tied to a single boss.

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